Orgasms cure craziness..

Hey lovers!!

Have you ever wondered what kind of benefits come from having friends like Jolene Marz? The best kind, the true friend I’ll take care of your any and every need kind. Yes, even great orgasms..a girl can’t go without. I’m serious, we could lose our fucking minds. Orgasms cure craziness. I can’t say this enough people. Why do you think vibrators where made? Doctors used it to cure women of all kinds of mental problems. Those were some smart doctors…lol.

Speaking of doctors and curing things, on a serious note. Please always look closely at your scripts before taking them. A few days ago I thought my Lupus was getting the best of me, and that I was going to have to make a trip to the hospital. I spent 3 days not being able to fully wake up. I was sleeping until noon or 1ish and then laying on Jolenes couch being able to get absolutely nothing done, not being able to focus on more than a coffee cup in my hand. On the third day it finally occurred to me that I had felt like this before years ago. The ambien that I was taking was double my normal dose. I just picked it up when I got my prednisone pack. (No one get crazy, I only take it when my pain is too aggravating to let me sleep). Anyway, when the nurse called in my script she must have just saw the name and hit the refill for the higher dose not giving it a second though. Oops!! Luckily it wasn’t something more serious, and next time I won’t just pop them without looking at the label  and mg’s. Silly girl!!! But now I am back and better than ever!!!! Watch out world!!

Friends with benefits ……..

Friends With Benefits is a girl-girl sizzler! After a girl’s day out Christina Carter and Jolene Marz return to enjoy each other’s company in a more erotic nature. Clip Contains: kissing, stripping, breast sucking, oral sex, fingering, strap-on dildo sucking and sex.


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