Stiff as a board..


In the middle of the night I realized that the new release was already going up…oh shit.. that means I need to get these last ones to you asap and get some new ones out too!!

So this is my quickest of posts ever…..Here I am, Wonder Woman, stiff as a board..


“Tamer II, Part 1”






This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine) THIS CLIP!!  (bondage/fetish)

Now time to get you some new pictures from my new release!!



Panties? Perfect to stuff your mouth with..

Hello Lovers!!

I’m so excited that you are all loving this clip, and it’s only Pt 1 !!! As I put up these pictures, I’m recalling all the little funny extras that were not in the script, yet just happened. That’s how I love to shoot our films. It’s so much better when the cast have personalities and really put themselves into their role. You get things like this… Cherie cutting off my panties and shoving them into my mouth to keep me quiet.  I gave here a few notes of things we needed to have in the scene, and she had her lines…but I’d say 25% of this clip was definitely ad-lib. It’s always so much more fun like that!!!

Let’s take a look at the next round of preview pics..


“Tamer II, Part 1”









This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine) THIS CLIP!!  (bondage/fetish)

I’m in London until the 24th, shooting with some great people in the next week, hopefully it will keep me from thinking about my homesickness that I feel coming on. I normally don’t stay out of the country for so long. I miss my puppy and my friends so badly. In Greece I was taking in lots of sun and fun, so I didn’t think about it. Here in England its not so beautiful, so I find it hard not want to go home to the heat and sun. Luckily I’ll have Nyssa Never with me soon.. she’s like a ball of sunshine herself, that will help! When is summer in England anyway? EVER? I don’t think so… it’s May and chilly. I’m good really, Just missing home.

Anyway, let’s keep each other entertained on twitter and snapchat @christinabound, and Instagram -@christinacarterfetish.

No go make that cock hard and cum with me to my clips and vids!!



A force to be reckoned with….


Are you enjoying this new clip? It sure looks like it! I’ve had so many comments about what an amazing performer Lyra is, and I agree. Not only is this chick smart and beautiful, but fuck can she can act. It’s also a major plus that she really does love BDSM. The first place I met her was at DomCon LA, 3 years ago. I new right away she was going to leave her mark on the industry. She’s a force to be reckoned with. If you have the chance to spend any amount of time with her, you will love her. No question.

Before I forget to mention, I am on If you do become a member of this platform you will get all the dirty little pictures and videos that I will not ever be posting anywhere else. These are personal and not professionally done at all. It will be like getting to sneak in my iPhone and see all my dirty secrets. I want to have fun with everyone with this, but if I see them posed anywhere else I will close down my account. It is not expensive, and I only want true fans to join it. I will still be posting like regular on all the other social media, not to worry, but just not as dirty.

Okay, back to what we came to do… more preview picks!!

“Slave Trade”







PS.. There is a “Live” option on OnlyFans.. I think I will try it out tomorrow when I am shooting!! I’ll be shooting the next day as well.. so 2 days in a row!!


This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)

Love ya!


Fetish..Everyone has one, whats yours?

Hello Lovers!!

Nothing like a little Fetish for your Friday night. Everyone has one, what’s yours? Maybe a little bondage, spanking, biting, or boots? In this case I hope it is all of the above. Adria gets so many things done to her in this video. Stripped nude, soak and wet and made to submit and do everything Abigail asks. But then again, who wouldn’t want to be her slave. I know I do. I think that is coming in the next installment of the Tamer, I get a dose.. I hope it’s a bit heavier. We all know I can handle it. I would love to be tied and fucked. Did I just say that?? Yes I

So what is it? What is your fetish? I’d love to know.

“The Tamer” featuring: Abigail Mac, Adria Rae, and Marcus London







This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish) (The Tamer)

Have a great night!!


Best pussy eater award goes to…

Best pussy eater award goes to……..Lyra Law! Holy shit she rocked my fucking world when we shot on Wednesday.. she can absolutely turn me into a  full fledged lesbian. I wanted to share some hot behind the scenes photo’s with you. This is not what the clip will look like, it is different angles and shot on different iso. If it seems dark to you, do not worry..the real thing is not. BTW, I ran into two amazing fans at AVN, I was happy to hear are so appreciative of the way we shoot or clips and videos. This takes a lot of time, we were on set Wednesday from 11AM to 9:15 PM, we shoot like movies and commercials shoot…lots of angles and cuts. So you get the product you love, cuz I love you 🙂

Here’s some BTS…






and two of my favorites….



These two may have been the only time Lyra and I had been serious the whole

While you are waiting for another fresh release, please go check out any you might have missed: (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)

I have a ton of custom requests coming in, and a few that still need to be shot this next month. So excited to keep shooting away!

Love ya,


Jungle love..


As I say to Doctor Addison in this clip .. “This is not what I meant when I said we live in peace with the animals on Paradise Island!!” LOL.  Or did I? Looks like jungle love is driving her mad…making her crazy (song reference I’ll try to be serious for a second, but not a moment longer. Thanks for making us #1 on C4S with this clip, and thanks for all the praise on it. I love to produce entertainment you really enjoy. Looks like it is time to shoot part 2 of this beauty already :).. get the date on the books at least. I have 3 customs to shoot in January already. Plus, I will be at the Golden Globes, XBiz Awards, and AVN Awards as well…oh it’s a full month. It’s going to be full of excitement and fun!!

Lets get you some more juicy pics shall we?


Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua 







This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)




Merry Gargantua Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!

It’s here!! Christmas!! I spent my morning looking at my person FaceBook and watching my sons, family and friends Christmas’s. I even cried when I watched one of my childhood friends open a gift she really wanted and she started crying… which was ridiculous because it was just a snowman yard But  you know how us women are… it’s the little things that get us. The things we tell you we want.. and you actually listen to us….we love that shit!!!

Almost as much as we you love Wait, almost as much as we love porn as well.

Here’s your preview pics for the night… for your alone time …

Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua 








This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)

Merry Christmas Eve!!!!


Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Hello Lovers!!

Can you believe it is Christmas Already?! Christmas Eve.. Wow that came quick!  I hope you are spending lots of time with friends and family, and enjoying I picked up a good girlfriends of mine from the airport this morning and have been running errands ever since. Okay, That’s a little white lie.. we stopped to enjoy a salad, margarita and time with each other at Chili’s too. When we did get back to my house we watched this clip. I’m very serious, she wanted to see She is a sex therapist, and of course like me, loves to see what turns people on. She said she found herself getting turned on watching it…she was pleasantly surprised. If you haven’t seen it, please indulge and give yourself this gift go entertainment.. you’ll be glad you did!!


Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua 








This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)

Merry Christmas Eve!!!!


Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua

Hello Lovers!

It’s been a while since Wonder Woman has graced us with her presence . Are you excited?! Years back Nick Sterling wrote a script for me that had a lot of the same elements as the WW/Gargantua episodes from the 70’s. Needless to say, I loved it and wanted to shoot it badly. But as our business is, talent comes and goes quicker than you could imagine. This script was originally written for me and Emily . To my and everyone else horror..she retired in 2013. We were searching for someone who had her beauty and could also hold her own on camera as well to fill her shoes…we thought Angela Sommers would be perfect! Then she decided to take a bit of a break last year and focus on her belly dancing and featuring. UUuuugghhh. Not to fret, just months ago, Emily Addison decided she missed you all s much and retired way too early (I could have told her . And so…. here we are finally today release this little number to you!!

Be very aware that it is highly entertaining and may make you laugh your ass off and leave you wondering why it is SO hot watching Emily and I get sexually handled my a huge monkey. Let yourself be sucking in by the fun, that is why I made this. My favorite scene has to be Emily trying to get away as Gargantua lustfully rips off her clothes… and the second…well, I’m going to save that for my next post :).


Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua






DISCRIPTION: In a 1976 Wonder Woman episode: Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua the Nazis try to get back an agent who turned on them. To help in their efforts, they brainwash a gorilla named Gargantua to hate Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman fights and Apprehends the primate. CC Production’s super-heroine fetish parody begins with Wonder Woman (Christina Carter) and Doctor Osman (Emily Addison) discussing Gargantua’s (Marcus London) reprogramming. Clip Contains: cosplay, furry-play, damsel-in-distress, forced stripping, lift and shoulder carry, cum shots, dildo sucking, simulated sex, smoking and a whole lot of fun.


This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)

I hope you are ready for Christmas…it’s almost here!!!


Getting off..

Hello Lovers!

Welcome to the weekend!! I hope you are going to use it to your advantage, everyone is probably on the internet or in the stores stocking up on Christmas goodies and presents. Just please take the time to relax and enjoy yourself and each other.. I think a lot of people get caught up in the hustle and bustle and forget what life is about. I’m not talking about religion either, you know I a recovering Catholic. I’m talking about people, other people. Caring for and loving people besides ourselves. I challenge you to help at least one person a day. This afternoon I donated to a church group who helps people with drug and alcohol addiction. I have been so lucky to have great people help me when I have needed it most, so I do the same for others. Plus, it feels good to help.

You know what else feels good? Getting off. LOL.. you knew I was going there. So after you are you are done buying gifts for you loved ones, and being nice to other people… you can be nice to yourself and jack your hard cock to some deliciously naughty video’s.

Here are the last of the preview pics…

“Breakout, A Harley Quinn Story”- starring Marcus London as The Joker, Christina Carter as Catwoman, Pamela Balian as Harlequin, and Kendra James as Batgirl






This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)

Love you!