I want YOUR script idea!!!


I’m not sure how many have seen my post on the superheroineforum about an upcoming shoot with Sahara Huxley, it will be a Wonder Woman script, or should be. That’s what I want from you.. a kick ass script. Here’s your chance, you have a great idea? Well I want it. Let me also say, I may change it, alter it any way shape or form. If you want some kind of say or any kind of say in it.. then maybe you would like to pay a percentage of the cost. Hmmmmm.. or maybe I’ll go halves with some lucky person again. You pay my videographer and editing and I will pay all talent, location and the PA. Sound like a deal? If so.. you know where to find me!!


Lets get some more of those pictures of the latest release out to you right now..

Wonder Woman in Greece


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