Super Heroine Sunday…

Hello loves!

Well it’s definitely fall. There’s pumpkin everything at all the coffee shops and football is playing in every house and bar. I’m in DC shooting, and enjoying ll the fall colors and leaves falling off the trees. Not to mention all the nuts that are all over the ground right now, broken nuts, everywhere. There must be thousands of squerells around here.. or a couple very busy ones. lol ..Back to Sundays… particularly super heroine Sundays like these …where you can bask in the sun on paradise island with Wonder Woman herself. Watch me playfully tease and taunt you.. binding myself, ripping my tights, making myself cum… enjoying every little playful second we have alone. Letting my mind wander to very kinky memories from the past. Knowing you’re watching me turns me on to no end.. come play with me….. in paradise.

Wonder Woman in Greece

GET IT NOW!!! Right now….. like right now

This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)THIS CLIP!!  (bondage/fetish) 



Blazing hot…


It’s still blazing hot in California, and in this clip too!! I’m not sure which is hotter ;). I’ve been getting so many great comments and emails about this little number. Some fans even wanting clips made just for them like this… with me talking to them as I suck on a cock. Even shoving it deep in my pussy saying their name. MMMMmmm, I love these thoughts. My pussy is starting to ache just thinking about doing it!!

Remember, I can and will shoot anything your little heart desires.. anything. Just email me directly.. christinacarter2010@ . Super Heroines, pantyhose, leather, latex, bondage.. you name it, lets do it!! I’m excited to see what you have for me :)..


Kink Academy Series, Part 2


This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)THIS CLIP!!



Fetish..Everyone has one, whats yours?

Hello Lovers!!

Nothing like a little Fetish for your Friday night. Everyone has one, what’s yours? Maybe a little bondage, spanking, biting, or boots? In this case I hope it is all of the above. Adria gets so many things done to her in this video. Stripped nude, soak and wet and made to submit and do everything Abigail asks. But then again, who wouldn’t want to be her slave. I know I do. I think that is coming in the next installment of the Tamer, I get a dose.. I hope it’s a bit heavier. We all know I can handle it. I would love to be tied and fucked. Did I just say that?? Yes I

So what is it? What is your fetish? I’d love to know.

“The Tamer” featuring: Abigail Mac, Adria Rae, and Marcus London







This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish) (The Tamer)

Have a great night!!