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Are you ready for another release? This time it’s all about learning. What better way to learn about kinky shit then from yours truly? This was a very interesting custom I did a few weeks back, unlike anything I have ever done before. I’m sure you all know exactly what you are doing… but just in case… I got you!! If I happen to be looking for another career.. this is what you’ll find me doing. Seminars and maybe teaching.

I’m in the middle of asking my house and moving back to California, so I will leave you at it!! I hope you enjoy this one and blow a load to me tonight.. I won’t be.. so someone has to do it!!


Kink Academy Series, Part 1








Kink Academy Series, Part 1 is a three-part fan custom host by the talented and kinky Christina Carter. If dirty talk and visual stimulation is your thing this is your video. In Part 1 of the sextorial series Christina discusses pantyhose, how they feel and their tantalizing texture, wearing and walking in stiletto heals, using a blindfold with sex play, light bondage using handcuffs, breast/nipple play and self-stimulation. With Christina sexy body, bubbly personality and natural sex appeal this video is hot!


This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)THIS CLIP!! 

Hope you love it!!


“Tamer 2, Pt II”,Suck my cock Wonder Woman!!


Oh fuck yes, Part II of Tamer 2 is out!! I’m already getting kick ass reviews from all who have seen it in the last few hours. Emails and messages on are going crazy!! Obviously people love seeing Wonder Woman forced to suck cock. I don’t blame you, because I kinda like to be force to to dirty things like this. It’s kinda easy on the eyes to see Cherie and I doing a duel blowjob.. our lips touching as we glide up and down his hard shaft….mmmmmm…some more pls!!

Here you go….Whip out your cock, it’s time to have some fun!!!

“The Tamer 2, Pt 2”..







Tamer II, Part 2 is the second installment in The Tamer series, a fan Written and Executive Produced custom with a great story line produced only the way CC Productions can with exceptional production value. In this installment Wonder Woman (Christina Carter) under the complete control of her capture is subjected to watching Mistress Cherrie (Cherie DeVille) give Prometheus (Marcus London) a blowjob. There is underlying intent; Prometheus well knows that if Wonder Woman succumbs sexually, by Amazonian custom, he then owns her as a slave. He orders Wonder Woman to suck his cock. She resists with all her might but Prometheus controls her mind and body. Clip Contains: cock sucking, super-heroine submission, humiliation, double blowjob, girl-girl-guy, cum in the mouth, cum swallowing, kissing and more. (Run-time 12:40 Mins.)


This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine) THIS CLIP!!  (bondage/fetish)

Hope you love this!!





Even Darker.. 50 shades of Rae


I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.I’m being a recluse today, I left the house only to go to the grocery store.. since there was no food in my house. I even hid from my younger sister who is still in town, and still hitting the sauce pretty hard. I’m a bit too tired to babysit tonight and make sure no one gets in to fights or ends up in jail. Not my job, but this is..

“The Tamer” featuring: Abigail Mac, Adria Rae, and Marcus London






I haven’t seen the 50 shades second installment yet, but I’m hoping it is good. My little sis asked me where she could get a spreader bar when she got here. I was very confused, as she is very vanilla. But she saw that movie last week and is in love with that little devise. I’ll be surprised if she really likes it when she tries it out. She said he flips her over by grabbing the bar. All I could honestly think was how much that would hurt my ankles.

I hope you all love this clip as much as we did 🙂

Enough rambling.. go enjoy some porn :)..


This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish) (The Tamer)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Never ending sexcapade..

Hey loves!!

We’re to the end of the preview pics for this and dirty.. just like the me! My little pussy really enjoyed that. What did I learn from shooting this clip? Never shoot in a green What did Marcus Learn? Not to shoot in this little euro shorts. Who would ever guess he is straight? Not But then again, his body still looks so good so why not?

I was explaining to someone that I don’t watch porn, and it occurred to me why…

My life is a never ending sexcapade. It always has been, and always will be. I should make some of my adventures into porn. That’s a great idea actually. It would definitely blow all these other storylines they use away. I wonder if I can incorperate super heroines into them, anything is possible!! Would you like me to try?? Or how about you send me some of your dirty sex stories? I’d love to hear them.  send them  to me!!!!

Check out  the last pics…

Pussy Punishment






This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish) (PUSSY PUNISHMENT)

Good night, sleep tight!!


Hanky Panky…


Good morning! I hope you have an incredable weekend planned. What am I doing? I will be making an appearance at the Hanky Panky party. That’s right, a fun little swingers party where I am sure I will be meeting some very interesting people …and maybe…just maybe doing some very naughty things. Who What I do know is that I will be giving away a few video’s while I am there. A few of mine from, the O-Girl movie, Jim Weathers coffee table book that I am so honored to grace the pages of, and a deck of playing cards from Bondagecafe as well.

In case I forgot to mention it, because I was having a little too much fun doing it…I did my interview with Jack the Zipper on this past Wednesday night, It’s a Pod Cast.. I’ll let you know when it is released so you can hear some very interesting details about me that no one yet knows :).

Okay, I’m very excited that we are now getting into the very explicit preview pics from out Batman release… I love hot, dirty pics like these…Meeeooooooow! Here’s a little fact about this clip that you might not know….half of the sparks coming off the jumper cables that were placed on my nipple clamp chain where real. Believe me, I was scared shitless that they were going to forget to kick the other end of the clamps before connecting them to That fear you are seeing before they are connected is VERY REAL. In fact, my crew was joking about leaving them on. Luckily they didn’t..I would have had someones head for

Let’s do it…

“Christina Carter’s Batman, Catwomans Demise”






Available right now at !!! 

Have a great one …and watch lots of my I can make more for you! 🙂

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