Flashback Friday…..Electra Woman & Dyna Girl!


I’ve been looking through the folders on my laptop and found some pretty amazing pictures. Take a look at the Electa Woman and Dyna Girl video’s we have done if you haven’t already. We have had many beautiful women take on the role of Dyna Girl- Lola Fox, Shyla Jennings, Kobe Lee, and Capri Cavalli. There has only been one Electra Woman… Randy Moore. Why? Because she has and will always be the perfect one to play her. I do want to shoot another clip with these two characters, but since Randy has retired… filling her shoes is quite a hard job.

Would anyone like to help me out and throw some names my way??

While you are thinking about it..check out what you may have missed in these titles..

Christina Carter’s Spider-Lady’s Revenge

Dyna-Girl’s Demise

Cat’s-Eye Diamond 4

Cat’s-Eye Diamond 3

Christina Carter’s Cat’s-Eye Diamond V










Get it now!!!

This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available …

http://www.clips4sale.com/60717 (Super Heroine)

http://www.clips4sale.com/38975  (bondage/fetish) 

I’m sick as a dog and stuck in my hotel until I feel better, so I’m sure you will be seeing me all over the internet today/tonight. Hope you are all feeling great and doing good. I’m still in England till the 20th, I’m really falling in love with it over here.

Love ya!!



Love from OH-IO!!!


I did it. I made it to Ohio, in chilly weather..and I am doing well with it…so far. Cross your fingers. I swear I thought I wasn’t going to make it off my second flight last night. It was a really rough decent. I was clenching on to the seat wondering if there was an afterlife and hoping I wasn’t going to puke.

Take a look at these next few photo’s from the latest release.. I surprise even myself with the flexibility that I seem to have. It wasn’t so easy to suck on my own toes and lick my arches, it was however..very sexy. ;). This was the first pantyhose video I have done in a very, very long time. I had forgotten how erotic it is and can be. Just shot another pantyhose custom with Kobe Lee on Tuesday..

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 9.44.57 PM

We had a bit of student/teacher action going on :).. we wore some ridiculously shiny, sexy pantyhose that I found..totally sheer to waist..tan and shimmery. Not cheap, but so worth it!! Kobe was in love with them, and of course so was I. Funny, her and I are darker in skin tone right now then the tan pantyhose..Haha. You can’t really tell from the picture taken from the iPhone, but we are tan.



“Christina Carter’s Pantyhose Dirty Talk”

Starring: Christina carter







Now available on my embedded clip store and http://www.eclipstore.com/28 !

I’m off to bed..getting up early to go to the gym with one of my sisters. It will be a really early morning, I’m still on LA time..uugghh.



Thursday night @ Fetish Con 2014..

Wait… I’ve got more convention pics for you!!!! This is Thursday night at the meet and great, red Carpet, and a few random shots in rooms and bathroom selfies..lol!!

If you didn’t come this year, be sure you are there for 2015…the convention just keeps getting bigger and better every year!!


Red Carpet Sarah, ?, Christina, and Jewel Red Carpet Chrisitna, Delilah..? Red Carpet Opening of meet and greet Christina, Cory, Sarah Christina Chrisitna selfie Chrisitna and George Perez Chrisitna and Tracey Chrisitna and Dizzy Christina and Jeffrey





Hot Labor Day Weekend!!


Labor Day weekend is closing in fast..and I hear it’s going to be a hot one!! Almost as hot as all the clips the girls and I are in..lol…no… nothing is that hot!

I know it has been a week and a half since I have posted, I was in a big beautiful wedding last weekend and returned a little sick. The wedding was all the way on the other side of the states…and so worth the early morning flight and lack of sleep. I returned with Laryngitis and have been struggling the last few days to get much of anything done. Would you like to see some pics from the night before/rehearsal dinner..and the wedding?





What an amazing weekend, Kobe Lee made the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen!! I’m so very happy for her!!!

I love that you can’t tell at all that I was under the weather. By the reception I had barely a voice at all…happens I guess :). Like I said, well worth it.

I also skipped Fetish Con this year, which hasn’t happened since my discovery of it in 2001…New York. It was called Bond Con back then. I heard it was amazing again this year, and so much fun. No worries…I will return next year!!!

Okay everybody… I know this is going to be a wild weekend for you…please be safe. And when you find yourself back in the house… I’ll be waiting for you!!!!!

Waiting right  HERE!  

and HERE!

Love you!!



Great action shot from WWXXX…I kinda look like a blow up doll!!


Final “Dyna-Girl’s Demise” post..

Congrats Baltimore!!!

Now that that Super Bowl is over…lets move on to one of our own.. I think I know who wins this game..(Evil Grin)..






Now available http://www.christinacaptured.com/eclips.html (embedded clip store)
and http://www.eclipstore.com/28 !!
I’m still on the mends from this beautiful Flu..lol…I’ll be answering everyone’s questions and comments tomorrow after being cooked at Muki’s Kitchen..HAHAHA..will be fun!!

More of “Dyna-Girl’s Demise”..


As promised…more preview pics from “Dyna-Girl’s Demise”-





Now available http://www.christinacaptured.com/eclips.html (embedded clip store)
and http://www.eclipstore.com/28 !!
Please excuse the shortness of this post, I’m trying to get healthy..been in bed for the last 3 days. Someone send me a nurse!!

“Dyna-Girl’s Demise”

It’s Naked Friday!!
That got your attention didn’t it? There is some truth to that, in my early 20’s that’s what every Friday was at my place. Why did I ever stop that tradition?? Gotta bring that one back!!
Are you ready for this weeks new release?? I hope so!! When Kobe came to visit I knew I wanted to do something in the super heroine genre with her…so I took a gamble and put her in the Dyna Girl costume. I think she does a great job. I can’t wait to hear what you think. I also think you will be blown away by the awesome extra’s put in by my editor – whoa …Nice job..THANK YOU!!
Dyna-Girl’s Demise:
Catwoman, Christina Carter is up to her old tricks and has baited the young, innocent Dyna-Girl, Kobe Lee into her trap with the goalof stealing the Crime-scope computer . At the promise of a hot news scoop Judy aka Dyna-Girl is instructed to meet an informant at the Pier 69 warehouse. She decides to go to the meeting alone and without the help of her crime stopping partner Electra-Woman. Catwoman is waiting and the fight is on! This clip contains: female domination, female fighting, low blows, damsel-in-distress, costume and pantyhose removal, arms over head restraint, choker hold, forced orgasm (clothed and nude), struggle and a ball gag.
Now available http://www.christinacaptured.com/eclips.html (embedded clip store)
and http://www.eclipstore.com/28 !!
More photo’s tomorrow..

A day in the life of Cat Woman..


After a long day of shooting I’m back to sitting at my desk. Why you ask? Because I wanted to share a few pics from my day with you.

Kobe Lee as Dyna Girl-

And my 10 minute break….answering fans on the Super Heroine Forum…

Have a great night!!


More, More, More Girls..

Everyone knows that September and October are huge Los Angeles travel months for most models..

Sara Liz – Oct 24-Nov 1st

Kymberly Jane- Lives here, but I have yet to shoot her.

Get your customs and requests in PRONTO!!

REMINDER…I will be shooting Kobe Lee this Wednesday and Carissa Montgomery Friday…for you last minute guys..this is your last call.



Nothing like last minute action..


After twittering with many of my deliciously kinky friends about getting together this weekend, I thought about the free time I have that just became available….Hmmmm…and what better way to fill it then bring their sexy asses in to shoot. So here they are, my last minute gifts to you…

Candle Boxxx  -booked Sept 13th


Kobe Lee  -Booked Sept 19th

If there are naughty things you would like to request, or a last minute custom you would like to book with us..PLEASE DO SO NOW!!! Super Heroine, Wrestling, Pantyhose..you name it, we’ll do it.