Exciting Nipples..


Theres just something about how a woman describes herself, she’ll say things that you would never expect. I was with a girlfriend last night who describes her nipples and “exciting”. I love this description, and from now she will forever be refered to as my exciting nipple friend..lol. I call them eraser nipples, and I love them. Besides having a lupus flare due to stress, I am also entertaining my little sister and her friend Stacy once again in Vegas. I took them to Cosmo last night.. which wasn’t exactly what either of them was expecting. It was full of Microsoft nerds. I however was very entertained by the bartender, and two dudes with ridiculous names. Chocolate and Constnatine. I was extremely giddy and couldn’t stop laughing for the life of me, I’m sure they thought I was out of my mind. But I felt like I was in an SNL skit, or getting punked. My sister likes strong black men.. so tonight I’l have to take her somewhere else.. somewhere she can pick up this kind of man.

Wish me luck, while I do that…. you do this…

Black Cat vs. Spiderman, Leather Lust…



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