Are you ready for “Slave Trade”?

Hello Lovers!!

oh you’ve been waiting so long to see this beauty, and so have I ! Never a dull moment when Lyra Law is on set, or in my vicinity that is.. when have quite the chemistry together. We just love to  get each other off. I just found out a little secret about this shoot day. My PA just told me the other day that he had a hard time keeping it together when we were shooting this. Particularly when Lyra was eating my pussy. He said he was so hard he almost had to excuse himself to go jack off. Damn!! i love hearing that!! Best compliment EVER!! I’m hoping you get the same reaction, she is the best pussy eater …very talented.

Lets do this!!!

Slave Trade….






Christina Carter, Lyra Law and Pamela Balian star in Slave Trade, a CC production’s custom bondage/submission video. As Lyra walks home from the club after a night out she encounters Mistress Christina in a dark alley. The next thing Lyra knows is she finds herself locked in a dungeon. She is now the Mistress’s student. She will be broken and trained as a professional bondage sex slave. Once trained as an obedient slave she will be auctioned off to the highest bidder in an international sex trafficking ring. After weeks of training Lyra is ready and she is sold to a Russian Latex Mistress. Mistress Christina a few weeks after the sale travels to Russia to check up on her student and to inquire if her Russian client is being well served. This video contains damsel in distress, bondage, submission, device bondage, nipple play, flogging, riding crop, Hitachi vibrator, butt plug, drawling, ball gag, penis gag, pussy play, fingering and oral sex.



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More tomorrow of course!

Love ya!


The first day of 2016..

Hello Loves,

I didn’t go out last night…so there was no hangover involved in my first day of 2016. I recieved a lot of texts from friends who were crying in there breakfast with really bad hangovers. But they all had amazing nights, and didn’t regret it…or so they I did get to see a couple fans sand friends video’s and pictures that were posted on Facebook this morning ..I was loving them all. Especially the party Santiago and Jackie were at… it was a drag New Years Eve party. Pretty fucking awesome!!

What are the New Years resolutions??? I would love to hear them 🙂

While I am waiting, I’ll give you the last of preview pics from our latest Super heroine release..


Christina Carters, Spider-Woman, Who is Viper?




Hope you enjoy those last few naked ones of me :)… I did.

go get the clip…The holidays are over and we can all get back to our normal lives again 😛 !! Yea!!

Available right now at !!! 

Love you all, thanks for making 2015 so lets make 2016 even better!!!



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