Stalker vs Fan…


Today before I post some very fun, kinky  BTS photo’s of last weeks shoot I’d like to talk about what I consider stalker vs fan. I have so many great fans, but every one and a great while there pops up a person who doesn’t exactly know where that line is crossed. A true fan shows there love and appreciation by reaching out every once and a while by email, liking or retweeting a post. Even commenting or adding a picture to the twitter or Instagram photos, maybe adding one of there favorites. Buying your video/clips instead of downloading from a hub sites. Understanding that you are only one person and can not reply all the time. A fan turned stalker.. messages you multiple times a day, everyday, making their own little relationship with you when you are not even part of the conversation. Mimics your everyday doings, goes where you eat and sends you pics, mimics your twitter pics, and demands your attention. When you do not give them attention they go to your friends/producers whom you are hanging and working with .. and proceed to bother them to try for your attention. All this does to a woman like me is make your chances worse. I will block you, I will forget you exist. I am not a scared little girl, I am a strong woman. I have boundaries  and expect them to be respected. I was raised right., and I give people the same respect. Again, I do have thousands of great fans that I love, and I appreciate them more than they know. But if you see me ignoring someone on twitter and them whining that I blocked them, believe me, there is a HUGE reason. I will not be bullied into being friends with psychos. That is all. LOL.

Now, for all the other people whom I love and adore… here are some behind the scene photo’s from last weeks shoot..


This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish) 

More BTS coming soon..