Not your everyday request..

Hello Lovers!!

I should always write down what I want to write in these journals when they pop in my head, I have tons of things I need and want to say, and then when the time comes to type it totally slips my mind.

BTW.. this post was supposed to go up last night, however my latest ex would not stop harassing me.. therefore you get this now. We need to get that man a GF. Maybe we should make it a game.. “Who wants to date a porn star”.. I just want to see the dude happy and not obsessing over a broken relationship. That’s probably too much information, but you know a lot about me anyway.. I feel like I can vent every once and a while.. and you can vent to me.

Now lets look at these hot pics..

Friends with benefits ……..


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Keep’em cumming..


I’m not done Yet, I have at least 2 more posts filled with cock hardening, pussy moistening preview pics from “Breakout”. So lets just keep’em cumming!!

I have a lot of emails to sift through and a some estimates to get out, so this is a short one. Just know that I love you bunches, so I’m trying to keep up on everything. BTW, I want to say thank you to all my fans/friends that keep it cool and don’t expect me to be able to DM or email them over and over through out the day. I really appreciate that. I’ve had a greater than normal amount of people, whom I do not personally know, demand my undivided attention through emails and Dm’s. Mostly on Twitter DM’s. First I let them know  I can not message all day long. Warn them that I am in a relationship after they profess their love. Then it becomes me telling them I am going to have to block them, followed by a demanding message about needing me to message them. One even threatened to kill himself. I also have a “wife” messaging demanding that I message her dying husband (who I do not know) so he can have peace with me since I blocked him a week ago. Yeah…this shit is getting unreal. Just so you know, all I want is to entertain people. I love to make fantasies come true, but I don’t want to be obsessed over. The world is stressful and crazy…can’t we just enjoy each other? I hope so! Now lets enjoy these preview pics!!


“Breakout, A Harley Quinn Story”- starring Marcus London as The Joker, Christina Carter as Catwoman, Pamela Balian as Harlequin, and Kendra James as Batgirl








This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)

Love, your dirty girl..


Straight outta paradise…


Hoping you are all having a wonderful week and taking care of and loving yourselves. Don’t forget to do that, it’s very important! I need you in my life.

I have to share something with you that was happening multiple times at Fetish Con…

I made sure this year to get tied and vibed a few times a day on the convention floor. Much to my surprise, every time I would cum ….everyone would clap. LOL….are you kidding? How did my life become this fantastic??!! I would have never imagined it could be like this. How cool is that? I cum, they clap.  :). Could life get any better than this????

Lets enjoy this amazing life we live….and take in some cool pictures of Angela making me her sex slave. Now that she has put me under her trance….ther is no telling what may happen. LOL…okay, okay, we all can guess what is going to happen…lol. Lets just take it all in!

“Wonder Woman vs Verona Queen of the Vampires”– featuring Angela Sommers and Christina Carter






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