“The Payback”

Hello Everyone!!!!

This weekend is going to be intense!! Yes, my birthday is Friday and I plan on making it unforgettable…maybe…..”LEGEN”…wait for it ..”DARY” !!! Yes, I’m a nerd and I love that show (How I met your mother). Hopefully there will pictures that I can share with you..I’m sure there will be. ūüėČ

I’m not sure if anyone remembers when I mentioned that there was yet another EVP in a video we shot…well, that would be this weeks release. When Aaliyah is on the couch adjusting her pantyhose..there was a male voice saying “Lisa”..which is one of the characters in this script that she plays(twins). I’m not sure if my editor left it in or not, I’ll check and let you know if you should be listening for it…that is..if your into that kind of stuff.

Okay, I have to get my but up and running… I’m shooting Adriana Sephora today!!!

This weeks release…..

“Christina Carter’s The Pantyhose Encased Payback”
thePayback- 2
The Pantyhose Encased Payback stars Christina Carter and Aaliyah Love BACKSTORY: Twin sisters Laura & Lisa run a human trafficking ring where all their female victims are sold off as sex slaves to the underworld. To date, they have always escaped the clutches of the law as there was never enough evidence against them and they made sure that any of their victims who resisted them will be silenced immediately. Unfortunately, their devious business operations have been closely tracked and monitored by an unknown vigilante, Christina. Christina operates outside the law and targets criminals who slip through the justice system. The clip contains: full pantyhose encasement, female domination, girl-girl strap-on sex, female fighting, mouth packing and hand over mouth.
Available now on http://www.eclipstore.com/28 !!
Have a great day!!!

“Interview with Wonder Woman” Con’d pt 2.

It’s been a crazy day, I’ve been at my desk¬† booking shoots and writing up estimates for customs….and I’m still not done. But I must get these last few preview pics out to you before the night is over. I’m headed straight to the gym at 6AM one again, so lets get to it so I can get my but to bed!!






So if you have not already gotten this clip it is available right now at http://www.eclipstore.com/522 !!

Have a great night..or a good night sleep at this point :).. XO

Fan Feed Back and MORE BG/WW/LF..

Hi Everybody!!

It doesn’t seem like a Monday to me..I’m having way too much fun. Doing what??? writing back to fans and playing around on the forums that’s what!! I wanted to share some fan mail with you:

Hi Christina, just some quick feedback from a longtime fan: I think some of the best videos you’ve done were the “Cat’s Eye Diamond” series, “Cat-Woman vs Batgirl: Identity Crisis” and “Cat-Woman vs Batgirl: Mirror Minds” — the acting, direction, pacing,¬†sensibilities¬† and camera work were all great. Whatever team you were working with to make those videos, they really help you to realize amazing scenes.

Also one can never have¬†enough¬†scenes of heroines and villains dancing together, and, oh yes, the 3 & 4 way kissing shots! ūüôā
Your fan,
Thank you so much G! We really pride ourselves on the quality of our video’s, I’m not hiring any rookies..lol.. I can tell you that for sure. I have had some fans say that my customs are a bit expensive. But it’s been said many times…if you pay $200 for a custom, your going to get a $200 custom. I can’t take all the credit, I have a great lighting and camera man, the best PA, top fetish models and actresses acting and playing along side of me…and most of all the man who wrote all the scripts above. Yes, that’s one man who wrote all. He knows what he likes and what he wants to see. Obviously there are lots of other fans that love it too. So a big thank you to Mr. L !
Back to our latest release:
“Bat Girl Episode 2- Lady Fog”Batgirl_Full.Still015
Get this clip and many, many more super sexy heroine video’s right now http://www.eclipstore.com/522 !!!
Have a great night,

“My New Slave 2″(Full Movie)

Is everyone ready for Christmas?? Shopping done? I would like to say yes myself, but I think I have a few more things to get done tomorrow before I am 100% done.
This week has been filled with family visits and trips to the airports. I especially enjoyed the one to the airport which I only picked up luggage…the person who was coming with that luggage missed the plane by 5 minutes and ended up being re-ticketed to another airport an 2 1/2 hours away in the opposite direction of the airport that I had to retrieve the bag…turned out to be a 22 hour travel day. Oh..and I haven’t even mentioned the snow and ice. Yet, I’m still in the Christmas spirit. Must be the wonderful family around me :).
So wait…what happened to the end of the world??? We’re all still here and I fore one am happy as hell about that..lol… I’m not done here.. not by a long shot!!
The release this week is a full version of a very hot clip..
My New Slave 2 (Full Movie)
My New Slave 2 (Full Movie) continues the original Christina Carter and Emily Addison featurette My New Slave. In My New Slave 2 Emily’s back for more fem-dom action and sets up Christina as a pawn in her chess game to make Christina Carter her slave but Christina gets the upper hand in this meeting. This clip contains, rope bondage, ball gags, girl-girl, oral servitude, humiliation, strap-on sex, humiliation and more.
Available right now http://www.eclipstore.com/28 !!
Have a great night!!

Christina Carter Pantyhose Encased Cyborg

How is everyone??¬† It’s going to be a fun night, it’s the annual Christmas party of the fetish industry!!! I will be all dolled up and ready for the festivities!! In fact I will be baking my special holiday cookies for very special friends, I must get on that as soon as I am done posting this update pictures for you.
Christina Carter Pantyhose Encased Cyborg:
P.E.C. or Pantyhose Encased Cyborg stars Christina Carter and Kendra James. STORYLINE: Genius robotics scientist Dr. Kendra James has created the perfect cyborg that she’s named after her favorite fetish model Christina Carter. The sexy ginger haired scientist has a huge pantyhose fetish and a very kinky side. It seems only naturally that Dr. James creation be fully encased in pantyhose. After putting the finishing touches on the P.E.C. Dr. James calls it a night. Left alone in the lab the Christina Cyborg comes to life, sits up and exits the lab. Kendra asleep in her bed is startled awake by P.E.C. standing over her. Why is the Christina Cyborg here and what does she want? Dr. James is about to find out. THIS CLIP CONTAINS: Robot Trance, Pantyhose Encasement, Pantyhose Domination, Pantyhose Wrestling, Hand-Over-Mouth, Strap-On Dildo Oral and Penetration Girl-Girl Sex.
More pics to follow!!
Joke of the day:
Snow is like a cock.. It’s measured in inches, soft to the touch, cums when you least expect it and never gets as deep as you’d like it.
Driving in the snow is like eating pussy… If you don’t slow down and pay attention you could slide into the asshole in front of you!!!
Have a great night and please check out the newest clips  http://www.cristinabound.com (embedded clip store) and http://www.eclipstore.com/28 !!!

“My New Slave 2”

Happy day before Thanksgiving!!
I have a special treat for you. Just when you thought I didn’t have anymore clips of my hot ass friend Emily Addison..TA-DA..Here it is!!! Sooooo.. while I slave away in the kitchen prepping for tomorrow…you can enjoy My New Slave 2!!
My New Slave 2
My New Slave 2 continues the original Christina Carter and Emily Addison featurette My New Slave. In the first installment Emily tricks Christina into being her slave. In My New Slave 2 Emily’s back for more fem-dom action and sets up Christina as a pawn in her chess game to make Christina Carter her slave. This clip contains, rope bondage, ball gags, girl-girl, oral servitude, humiliation and more.

Into-the-Trap Pt.1 w/Christina Carter

Man.. did this week fly!! I guess I didn’t start out on a good note..with the food poisoning..blah. Then I couldn’t schedule any work since I was on call for Jury Duty, Of which today was the first day and only day I had to go.
They didn’t even get to ask me any questions. I was waiting for them to ask what I do for a living..lol…you know that’s the first question they ask. Would my job make them release or keep me?? HHmmmmm..what do you think?
I think they would have kept me, reason being..my very open mind :).
It’s release time!!!!
Into-the-Trap Pt.1 w/Christina Carter
“Into the Trap, Part 1” features the sexy Christina Carter and an adorable sprite of a vixen, Aaliyah Love. This is Christina and Aaliyah first video together and the chemistry was instantaneous. However, this story line began with Emily Addison in “My New Slave” and then with the followup story in “CPA Parts 1 and 2.” Now it’s Aaliyah’s turn to dominate the vivacious Christina with Emily’s permission of course! This clip contains handcuff and rope bondage, stripping, lingerie, kissing, girl-girl, oral, hand over mouth.
Available right now on my embedded clip store!!


Hope everyone is having a great night. Just a quick correction, Princess Anna will be gracing us with here presence in a  just few hours, not in October like originally thought. She will be here until the 18th.

Heads up for October…

Chrissy Daniels…

So get your requests and customs in ASAP!!




Look who’s coming to LA!

Hello lovers!!
Just a heads up, get your custom scripts in now!! We’ve got some of the best coming our way in September and October.

Jasmine Mendez   Available Sept 1st-8th!!!

Kendra James Available October 4-16 (I’ve booked her for the 9th already)…

Princess Anna Available October 12-18th…

These women book fast..so do not delay, email me asap for you fantasy  brought to life!!!

Have a great night!!!


PS.. Just found another Fetish con pic..

“Jennifer giving Christina the foot massage of a lifetime!!”