“Christina Carter’s, Captive Fantasy”…

Hello Lovers!!

I’m back in the United States!! I  brought something home with me that I absolutey did not want, a nasty cold/flu. I’ll be in bed if you are looking for me. You remember that day I decided I wanted to shoot a bondage clip where I get thrown in a trunk… and ended up stuck inside of it for a hot second? A serious 109 degrees of hot seconds. Well… it’s time for that clip to be released!!!!

BTW, this has one of my favorite fetishes in it… I like to be inappropriately touched..lol..surprised aren’t you?! Didn’t think so ..lol!!


Christina Carter’s Captive Fantasy

Starring Christina Carter and Marcus London..






Christina Carter loves the damsel-in-distress role. In Captive Fantasy she has her lover act out her secret desire of being forcefully taken against her will, thrown in a vehicle’s trunk and taken to a secret place where she will be used and played with by her captor. She’s not getting out of this one until she makes him cum. Doesn’t everyone like a little role-play in their life, Christina just likes to take it to the next level. This clip contains: Role-play, rope bondage, humiliation, squirting, fingering, groping, oral sex, blowjob, over the shoulder carry and sleepy play.

More to  preview pictures to come tomorrow!!!

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Satisfied Customer….


I only spent the last two days in LA, yet it feels as if I had been gone for a week! One long night with hundreds of porn stars in one room. It’s a site to see, but also loud as fuck. It’s amazing how I always feel I am wearing way too many clothes at these events. If there was an award for the person who is most covered in clothing.. I would win it..every time. LOL!

Before I get to bed I wanted to share a little something with you that came straight from the fan/customer that the “Dark Dimensions V” custom belongs to:


I recently had a custom script produced by Christina Carter and her team, and I wanted to take a moment to give some feedback about my experience.


Now, I could focus on how amazing Christina and her co-stars were, how great everyone looked, how hot the action was, but I think anyone who watches five seconds of the video will figure all that out.


What I want to mention instead is just how incredible a job Christina and her team did bringing their vision to my script. I’ll admit, my script had some rather unusual elements. For a long time, I’ve loved superheroine kink that had a strong narrative attached — hot action, but within the context of a story. I sent in a script with voiceovers, flashbacks, monologues, and other quirks.


I like to think I’ve got a pretty vivid imagination, but I’m no producer. The script could have turned into an unworkable mess. It could have been filmed in a way that checked all the boxes but was lackluster and fell flat. But no, Christina and her team, they took it, they GOT it, they ran with it. They found a way to not only make a rather unusual script work, but they brought it to life, enhancing it and putting their own touch on it. It’s incredible — story, incredibly hot kink, even artistic elements — and it ended being far beyond my expectations.


Christina was great about communicating, always keeping me in the loop. She provided great feedback and when my suggested choice for one of the roles wasn’t available she made a rather inspired suggestion for a substitute (the amazingly wicked Shay Fox) that turned out great.

I’m absolutely 100% satisfied with my experience. If you’re in the market for a custom and you want someone who will not only film your idea, but go above and beyond in bringing that idea to life, Christina Carter should be the first one you talk to.

YES, another satisfied customer!! That is what make me happy. I’m ready for another script to make DDVI...anyone got any ideas? While you are thinking about it, take a look at these..

“Dark Dimensions V” – Starring: Christina Carter, Shay Fox, Summer Day, & Marcus London






This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available now…

http://www.clips4sale.com/60717 Super Heroine)

http://www.clips4sale.com/38975  (bondage/fetish)