Halloween is coming..

Hello Lovers!!

It;s seriously the middle of October, Halloween is almost here!! What are you doing for Halloween?? Are you going to any party or events? Usually I do, but I’m not really feeling like doing anything big at the moment. I was thinking about that as I drove home from the airport the other night. Why don’t I feel like being out and being the life of the party anymore? I used to thirst for the weekend… crave going out and seeing everyone. I remember running into Anastasia Peirces place years ago at one of the parties and screaming “Party’s here!!” LOL Now, not so much. A glass of wine somewhere comfortable and classy are more my style. I like to hear the person I am with. When did this change happen? Where is the old me??? Then it hit me, I don’t want to go out and be the center of attention because I now find myself trying to get time away from the attention. Let me tell you, yesterday I took a break from social media… and boy did it fix my mood!! Wow… it’s amazing how much pressure is on you when hundreds of people are demanding your attention. Damn. So, I’m going to do us all a favor and give myself breaks. That way I can make us both happy. Sound good??? Not that that pretty girl is coming back.. ever. But I’d like more time to take care of myself. I finally got a gym membership by my new place today. I’ll be going to use it after my Skype show this evening.


Lets look at some more preview pic!!

Wonder Woman in Greece

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You’re Welcome!!

I’m so happy to be home..

In fact, I’m so tired from running and traveling that I posted these pics last night but was too tired to write anything. I fell fast asleep on my couch watching The League, one of my new favorites. Not before making on of my friends fiances feel extremely awkward first. They all came over for a quick second before going out, and wouldn’t you know it..the sex scene in Boogie Nights just started…lmao!! He’s way too young to even know what that movie is…lol..oops. He way like “Kayla, Kayla, are you ready to go?!”  It’s quite obvious his sex life has not been as lively as mine. Can you say Vanilla?? An extreme version of Vanilla.

You’re welcome for the eye opener young dude!! LMAO!!

I’m happy to bring you even more preview pics from the last release….

Are you ready for some pussy?? I am. I can’t believe a big part of my job is masturbating…damn.. I love my life. I love the fans that want to see me do it :)..THANK YOU!! More pantyhose please …. I love it!!! What is your favorite thing about pantyhose? What is your favorite brand? Color? I love the very silky, shiny ones.. I love the way they feel when I glide my hand down my thigh..to my calf…and finally slide my hand on the sole of my foot…mmmmmm….how could anyone resist them? Email me, I’d love to hear your thoughts..your wet dreams… ; )..

Till then….


“Christina Carter’s Pantyhose Dirty Talk”

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Have a wonderful Saturday night!!