“PleasureBot 3000 – Reboot” New Release!!

Hello lovers!!

So much exciting news today.. First, my goal has been reached for my gofundme fund and I will be calling tomorrow to get my surgery scheduled!! I can not even believe it!! I can not thank all my friends and fans for helping me make this happen. Special thanks to George Perez,you are my angel. He donated more than I had ever expected, and I will send the rest of my life making him proud and finding a way to thank him. Also, a big thank you to another amazing man..L Smith :).. you were so generous and I will never forget it, plus your next custom will be way over and beyond what you ask for.

Here’s the other great news.. This weekends release! My first step back into b/g. Yep, guess who has a dick in her mouth? Yours truly ..lol. I play a fembot in this clip, very well as I must add.  I rarely play this role because it is quite a hard one to do well. I think you will be very proud and impressed. I showed it to a few friends after  I proofed it, and they were blown away to say the least. Check it out and let me now what you think!  Plus I would love to know what direction you would like me to go with my productions next 🙂


Christina Carter’s PleasureBot 3000, Reboot

Starring: Christina Carter & Marcus London..
PleasureBot 3000, Reboot is Christina Carters first guy/girl performance in years. Story Line: Markus a computer engineer just rented a new furnished house. As he checks out his new place he shockingly discovers an A.I. sex robot stashed away in the bedroom closet. He decides to see if he can get her operating. The PleasureBot 3000 starts up but quickly fails to operate correctly. Markus applies his computer software experience to reformat and update the PleasureBot 3000’s programming. He brings the beautiful Christina back to life but not without it’s own set of problems. Clip Contains: robot cosplay, fondling, striptease, masturbation, dildo play and oral sex.

Category: ROBOTS

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Thanks again everyone for helping me raise the money for my surgery, hope you all there to text, email and what ever else while I am healing. I’ll be here to entertain you!!