Wonder Woman 2017..


I’m sure you already assume that I have seen the New Wonder Woman 2017. I fucking loved it!! There isn’t one thing I would have changed.. nothing. It was magnificent and Gal Gardot was stunning. Everyone I know who saw it, love it as well. Plus there was a special thanks noted to my dear friend George Perez.. bonus points right there!!

So these are the last pictures from this Wonder Woman episode. I hope you loved it as well, and yes I got the memo that everyone would like to see me get fucked in the next one I make. I’ll see if I can make that happen seeing that it is a custom. If not, I guess I will be making my own. Or, If you would like a custom video where yogurt to say what goes… please email me directly. I am back in the country, moving this weekend, but I will be in my emails and trying to keep up with everything too. Highly unlikely, but I will try. I do have another release coming tomorrow for you…Like you wanted… I’m keeping them coming!!


“Tamer 2 Pt 3”







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Love you guys so much!!