Snapping me back…


The weekend is here!! You know what I’m excited about? First, even realizing it was the weekend was a plus for…it’s all quite a blur most of the time. Second, I’m excited to hit the gym again after I post this and maybe play a little on twitter and onlyfans with you while I am there…. as I typed that I remembered Instagram, had to check and see if I posted on there and somehow goy sucked into Dubsmash. WTF?! The freaking internet is like the black hole sometimes. Luckily I received a text that snapped me back out of it and back to to post. I’m not going to hold you up any longer, just know that I adore all of you, even more so now that I am taking me time and don’t want to snap necks no really. It does wonders!

Off to the gym to make my body super hot for you..and off to my clip stores or site for you.. because you need a release too, and that is what I am here for!


Wonder Woman in Greece

This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)THIS CLIP!!  (bondage/fetish) 



Wonder Woman in Greece..

Hello Lovers!!

It seams so long ago that I took that beautiful trip to Greece, it was only this past May. While I was there I had a friend offer up his house to shoot in, very last minute. With no script, just myself, the camera and Wonder Woman gear… I decided to just get sexy with it and let Wonder Woman be her hot naughty self. Check it out!

Wonder Woman in Greece


Wonder Woman in Greece is a video pictorial of Christina Carter’s Wonder Woman enjoying the beautiful Greek coastline while lounging by the pool. The video includes: Cosplay posing, swimming, stripping, pantyhose destruction, masturbation, foot and toe sucking and nude sunbathing.


This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish) THIS CLIP!!

The short post due to this horrible cold I have, I’m so disconnected to my brain at the moment that I’m afraid to write a big post…. fearing that it will make absolutely no sense.

Later lovers, time for more cold medicine !