Panties? Perfect to stuff your mouth with..

Hello Lovers!!

I’m so excited that you are all loving this clip, and it’s only Pt 1 !!! As I put up these pictures, I’m recalling all the little funny extras that were not in the script, yet just happened. That’s how I love to shoot our films. It’s so much better when the cast have personalities and really put themselves into their role. You get things like this… Cherie cutting off my panties and shoving them into my mouth to keep me quiet.  I gave here a few notes of things we needed to have in the scene, and she had her lines…but I’d say 25% of this clip was definitely ad-lib. It’s always so much more fun like that!!!

Let’s take a look at the next round of preview pics..


“Tamer II, Part 1”









This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine) THIS CLIP!!  (bondage/fetish)

I’m in London until the 24th, shooting with some great people in the next week, hopefully it will keep me from thinking about my homesickness that I feel coming on. I normally don’t stay out of the country for so long. I miss my puppy and my friends so badly. In Greece I was taking in lots of sun and fun, so I didn’t think about it. Here in England its not so beautiful, so I find it hard not want to go home to the heat and sun. Luckily I’ll have Nyssa Never with me soon.. she’s like a ball of sunshine herself, that will help! When is summer in England anyway? EVER? I don’t think so… it’s May and chilly. I’m good really, Just missing home.

Anyway, let’s keep each other entertained on twitter and snapchat @christinabound, and Instagram -@christinacarterfetish.

No go make that cock hard and cum with me to my clips and vids!!



Guess who?

Guess who? It’s Wonder Woman, who else would it be?? I have to admit I loved having that bag over my head, because I’m a kinky little freak. How is it that a blindfold is not one of my favorites, but put a bag over my head and Cherie in the room torturing me and I’m happy as a clam!? Oh yeah, it’s the Cherie part. I hope you are all thoroughly enjoying this release. I’m getting a lot of great emails and DM’s about it. Believe me, I’m excited to get the next two out to you as well. I can’t wait to start filming Tamer 3! What do you think? Keep Cherie has the main female tamer? I think she does an amazing job, and she really turns me on…so, yeah..that’s not a bad thing either.

I just got to London this evening, so it’s off to bed for me. I’m a tired girl and I need my rest so I can be amazing for you! Keep sending in your emails and custom requests, I love shooting amazing customs like this for you! Thank you for giving me the opportunities to do all this for you :)..

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Lets get to the preview pics!!

“Tamer II, Part 1”








This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine) THIS CLIP!!  (bondage/fetish)

You’ll be getting lots of pictures each day, as our next release for this clip is set to come to you in 6 days!! Hold on to those cocks!!


DD5 coming in strong!!

Good afternoon!!!

What better way to enjoy Sunday Funday then watching this little number! By the overwhelming amount of emails pouring into my inbox, with such great can say it is definitely a hit. I’m very excited about that, I love my job..and I love to see all of you happy. Once again, this is not a shoot.. I did go much more intense then usual.. this is still cosplay/comic book/campy with a much heavier edge than you are used to me doing these last few years. There is a lot more sexual action, even maybe a little hint of what’s to come in the future. That’s the one thing I love about this industry, I can say what I want to do and when I want to do it. I can change my mind at the drop of a hate(like every other, you just never know. ; ). I feel like growing… I feel like doing more.. I hope you support me in my choices. You always have.

For your viewing pleasure….

“Dark Dimensions V” – Starring: Christina Carter, Shay Fox, Summer Day, & Marcus London







This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available now… Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)


Have a great day!!!


PS… there is over the mouth gagging, over the shoulder carry, and transformation in this clip. You know who you are that have asked me for this 🙂

Hump it out…

That’s right..Hump it out. It’s the best way to relieve stress and it’s proven to make you healthier. Don’t believe me? Look it up!! Do you think masterbation does the same? You know I had to google it, and this is what it says…

“The most common “side effects” of masterbation are ejaculation(mostly in men, but sometimes amount women) relief of boredom; fun: please; relief of tension; easier time falling asleep; relaxation; and general happiness; No, you are not going to go blind.”

But just so you know, sex for some reason has better health benefits, they do not know why, but the body does respond differently. I say do both then. I’m staying healthy 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 2.53.01 PM

One more question…why doesn’t my Mac know how to spell masterbation? It tells me it is wrong..but it’s

You want some more preview pics???

Christina Carters, Spider-Woman, Who is Viper?





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I think I’m going to go get healthy with my magic wand 😉



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