Really BAD things..

Hello Loves!

I spent another lovely evening with my trainer, Omar, yesterday. He’s now comfortable with me, which is fabulous… because now when I say “I hate you”, he comes back with “I love me!” and when I swear like a trucker he just I asked him what the fuck was wrong with him as he handed me some heavy weights and wanted me to do back exercises. He says.. “Everything, I’m a fucking psycho.”  Oh boy.. I asked for this remember??? But I do love it. I was pulling on the fireman rope and he was holding the other side for resistance.. I’m grunting and bitching..let it go mother he just laughed it off and said.. “I’m only 230 lbs whats wrong?” LOL. Last night he says to me.. “You do know it sounds like I’m doing really BAD things to you over here?” Yes, It sounds like we are having a really crazy fuck I’m well aware of what it sounds like.. but I can’t help it!!  If anything, I think this is giving Omar great training for the next couple years of marriage.. he’ll thank me and I’ll thank him later when my body looks like it used to. I’m already feeling the pain when I go up and down my stairs, luckily for me I have surgery tomorrow, so the pain pills might even pull me through what he did to my legs last night. It’s always day 2 and 3 that are the worst.

Okay, I’m off to shower and get a few things done before surgery in the morning. I know I’ll be in pain this weekend, but.. I have been in pain the last two months with these bottom wisdom teeth. The one is pushing into my molar, cracking it in half. I can’t wait not to feel this pain anymore!! Let’s do this!!

“Wonder Woman, Who’s in Charge”


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Later Lovers!