Hermaphrodite Alien??

Hello lover Beans!!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!! Many of you are probably still out there partying it up and drinking green beer. I did not. I was at the gym early, and then hit the pool at the Cosmo plus dinner with 2 of my sons great aunts that came in from Ohio. They were a blast!

So I have to share with you, a thought that crossed my mind while having a conversation with Jolene Marz today at the gym. We were talking about shooting with her new Dildo that looks like we think an aliens cock might look. I said, Yes..I’ll play an all powerful alien who is male and female.. that would be awesome!! Then it occurred to me how amazing and powerful I thought being both would be, and wondered why most people don’t think the same way. We do share this world with people who are both. Hermaphrodites.

a person or animal having both male and female sex organs or other sexual characteristics, either abnormally or (in the case of some organisms) as the natural condition.
I mean, why doesn’t the rest of the world see this as a beautiful thing? Is it fear? Fear of the unknown and being different maybe? What do you think? I know this is probably not a good question to ask most of you in your drunkin’ St Patty’s stupor.. but I’m asking anyway. Please, email or message me with your thoughts. I can’t wait to hear your replies.
Now lets get back to what I originally came on here for, to give you more preview pics!
Christina Carter’s The Perils of Wonder Woman, Journal Entries 1 and 2


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Love ya!