Taking some time..

Hello Lovers,

I’m taking a few days to rest. I’ve done countless shoots, Domme sessions ,family visiting, traveling back and forth from Vegas to LA, and trying to keep up with fans messages and requests. Being only one person dealing with so many individuals gets exhausting. I haven’t had time for the gym in over a month. It’s time to focus on keeping myself healthy, if not.. I won’t be around long. I get that no one really understands unless they have what I have, as I look healthy like everyone else. Even my own younger sister, as I needed to go on a round of prednisone as soon as she got her, acted like it was nothing and I should entertain her and do as she pleased. Maybe it’s my fault as well, I should have told her I couldn’t. Instead I tried to keep up and do everything she wanted. But, It’s time to be an adult and let myself heal.. so I am sleeping my ass of at my good friend Jolenes. She’s been an angel, letting me sleep in till 11AM the last two days, cooking for me and pretty much babying the shit out of me. Sometimes I need that. Thank god for good friends. Anyway, my mind is just starting to clear and I’m hoping to be myself asap.


You can do this while I recover..

Black Cat vs. Spiderman, Leather Lust…


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