Wonder Woman in Greece..

Hello Lovers!!

It seams so long ago that I took that beautiful trip to Greece, it was only this past May. While I was there I had a friend offer up his house to shoot in, very last minute. With no script, just myself, the camera and Wonder Woman gear… I decided to just get sexy with it and let Wonder Woman be her hot naughty self. Check it out!

Wonder Woman in Greece


Wonder Woman in Greece is a video pictorial of Christina Carter’s Wonder Woman enjoying the beautiful Greek coastline while lounging by the pool. The video includes: Cosplay posing, swimming, stripping, pantyhose destruction, masturbation, foot and toe sucking and nude sunbathing.


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The short post due to this horrible cold I have, I’m so disconnected to my brain at the moment that I’m afraid to write a big post…. fearing that it will make absolutely no sense.

Later lovers, time for more cold medicine !


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  1. That’s a great background for a shoot like that. It looks like the kind of place you’d find Winder Woman. Of course, you’re as beautiful as the scenery.

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